To Pre-appoint or Not. That is the Question.

To Pre-appoint or Not. That is the Question.

Is pre-appointing killing your production?

Establishing value for a hygiene visit is crucial, and the best part is it can be done without pre-appointing.  The majority of patients do not know what they are doing six months from now at one o’clock, so why not schedule differently?

You Must Have a System

The system works with a pre-appointing structure or without pre-appointing.  Too many dental offices have open hygiene time because of last minute changes in the schedule.  If you have problems with openings in your schedule, or you spend countless hours working on filling an opening, this system will reduce open chair time and therefore increase productivity.

What if we had reports to run every Monday, which are date specific and could ensure a productive hygiene schedule? This is how to avoid pre-appointing and creating open chair time. NO, patients slip through the cracks.

Years of systematically fine tuning this process in dental practices has led to increased productivity. This system’s timeline eliminates the question; how much contact is too much and how much it too little?

It is a pro-active system rather than a reactive system, and patients love it!

Specific Strategies:

  • Be prepared to pre-block your hygiene schedule to accommodate the new patient
  • Be prepared to have a priority list that will be so long you will need to get very specific with patients who want to get in on the soonest date possible


Keep your hygiene schedule productive

This is crucial! Your new patient appointments are readily available and if you have a last minute change in your schedule, you can easily fill that appointment with a well-organized and detailed priority list.  No more scrambling to fill an appointment.

What do you need to implement this system?

Willing team members to try something different

  • Calendar-to run date specific reports (see my offer below)
  • Appropriate training

Please remember–if you pre-appoint or do not, this system will work for your practice.

If this sounds like an exciting new way to approach the hygiene schedule, email [email protected] with “Complimentary Calendar Timeline” in the subject line to receive your copy.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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