Does your practice struggle with too much open time on the schedule?

Patients walking out the door without scheduling future treatment?

Accounts receivable that are not in the bank?

Dental Speaker and Consultant Dana Moss of PPO Dental Consulting

When front office systems are not in place, 
the office can feel out of control and unorganized.

Dana Moss trains dental teams how to implement and measure progress within four core business systems as well as the technology and skills needed to remain on the cutting edge of current dentistry trends. Her presentations share proven solutions that can be implemented immediately to increase patient retention and case acceptance, lower accounts receivable and expedite insurance claims payment, ultimately leading to practice growth and profitability.



Learn how you CAN participate in the PPO environment. Choose from Dana’s popular presentations:


Profitability without Sacrificing Service-Oriented Care

Building the Successful Practice

When financial and insurance systems are not in place, opportunities are missed for profitability and optimal patient care. This interactive, strategic session offers solutions for achieving 100% collection (or better!) and tips for fee schedule negotiation, faster claim payment and denial prevention. Learn how YOUR practice can implement these proven solutions immediately. View Course Description

Proactive Patient Retention 

Building the Successful Practice

Many practices struggle with open time on the schedule and patients walking out the door without scheduling future treatment. This energetic, power-packed session offers tips, tricks and reports for building a productive schedule and the systems and skills for getting treatment out of the chart and onto the schedule! View Course Description

Building the Successful PPO Practice
without Sacrificing Service-Oriented Care

I loved the brilliant start! The entire presentation was very well done. You connected to the audience and used humor. The speech was very organized and you lead us through the process well.

Ginny Hegarty; Speaker, Consultant, Author

Nice introduction … and relating to the audience. I got involved with your speech. You made me smile and made the process doable. Nice close!

Bete Johnson, VP of Business Development; CareCredit

This was a fantastic presentation. Your natural sense of humor came shining through and I appreciated that you approached the topic from the patient’s point of view. Overall, a really wonderful presentation!


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